About me

Mikki Williden, PhD Registered Nutritionist

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition, and a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. I attained my Masters in Science (Human Nutrition) with First Class Honours in 2003, focusing on the development of a childhood obesity prevention programme.

As a registered nutritionist, I have been privately consulting with clients since 2006 and have worked with a vast number of people with different health and performance goals. In 2011, I obtained my PhD after completing my doctoral thesis in health and productivity in the New Zealand workforce.

I host a weekly podcast, Mikkipedia, which dives deep into the topics of nutrition, longevity, fitness, and health, and I am a co-host of a weekly endurance sports podcast called Fitter Radio. I am the creator of Mondays Matter, a successful fat loss group programme that utilises evidence-based techniques to support body composition goals and has helped thousands of people. I have worked with some notable New Zealanders, helping them achieve their nutrition-related goals, including Nigel Latta (on The Sugar episode) and Simon Gault (on the documentary series Why are we Fat?). I am passionate about helping to translate science into practice to help people meet their health goals, and I am a regular contributor to digital and media platforms, as well as having an active social media presence.