Doing what you've always done?

But doing it wrong? It's easy to feel that way in this environment of information overwhelm telling you exactly why your paleo diet, your intermittent fasting approach, the 5x a week Cross Fit habit or F45 at 6am is setting you up to fail. 

This may be true. Or it might be that something else  fundamental needs to change in order for you to get what you want. To look, feel and perform better than you ever have.

Things do change in our 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, but the foundation of fat loss and metabolism is the same regardless. The actions and behaviours that transform you physically are also the ones that help build your confidence and capabilities around your food decisions.

Reduce belly fat, enhance energy, enjoy delicious food and lose those few kilos while gaining a sense of food freedom.

Ditch the deprivation mindset.

Join us for free LIVE virtual event designed to help you navigate the sweet spot of doing what you love and achieving your weight loss goals.

We will problem solve the most common reasons holding you back from sustainable weight loss. 

If you check 5 or more of the following, then this is the event for you

  1. Breaking promises to yourself (but not anyone else)
  2. Feeling scared to start because you have failed every single other time
  3. Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of going on yet another diet
  4. Not wanting to start because you can't do it perfectly
  5. Feeling impatient that it takes SO long to lose weight
  6. Not feeling prepared enough
  7. Believing it's too late to do anything now
  8. Believing that restriction always means deprivation
  9. Thinking you're too old to start
  10. Having no time to diet
  11. Feeling you're too busy
  12. There's information overload and you don't know where to start

This free, live, virtual event (from Sunday 10 September - Thursday 14 September) will walk you through the steps you need to take to help you feel confident and capable, not overwhelmed and anxious as you learn what it takes to lose fat for good.

This is an opportunity to learn valuable insights, strategies, and practical tips to help you overcome these barriers and transform your weight loss journey. You'll learn how to shift your mindset, build healthier habits, and face your fears, so you can finally achieve sustainable fat loss.

Don't let these roadblocks hold you back any longer. Sign up for my FREE live virtual event today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you.

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About Mikki

I am passionate about maintaining good health and well-being through a whole food approach to nutrition, regular exercise, and a focus on optimising lifestyle factors that influence our ability to cope with the demands of everyday life.

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