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Mastering your metabolism is more than just losing body fat, because life is more than just one long fat loss phase. It is about understanding key components of your lifestyle that impact your physiology, to allow you to build a flexible, resilient and robust metabolism.

 Your metabolism is intricately tied to how you feel. This 12 week in-depth course dives deep into the essentials you need to know so you can become a master of your own metabolism. It is a mixture of small group coaching with me and self-directed learning, all the while having access 1:1 so I can support you as you adopt the principles that you need to live your best most awesome life.

Diet is a key component of this process and is one area with which you can move the needle and dial in your metabolism. While Mondays Matter is a fantastic starting point for this, it is just the starting point. In this mentorship, we will customise your approach and find the calories and nutrients to best meet your needs, be it losing fat, body recomposition, maintenance or reverse dieting. I’ll individualise your macros to suit your goal, while teaching you how to do it along the way, working together over the 12 weeks.

Moving beyond your diet, I want to share my knowledge of the current nutrition landscape on topics such as popular diets, artificial sweeteners, red meat, dairy, saturated fat, seed oils, fasted training, intermittent fasting and not only give you the most up to date information, but insight on how to look beyond the headlines for the actual truth and how these dietary factors impact on your metabolism.

But mastering your metabolism requires more than just a good diet. Your metabolism is impacted by so much more than just food. Hormones, circadian rhythm, gut health, stress management, temperature (heat and cold), sleep are just some of the inputs that can help support (or not!) a responsive metabolism.  The learning modules each week will cover these topics (and more), and our weekly zooms provide a platform for you to troubleshoot the best approach for you.

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