Mondays Matter

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We are over one-third through the year, and around this time it's easy to fall back into unhelpful habits as we go about our day-to-day life. If the idea of falling “off the diet wagon yet again” has you feeling like you've already failed, then just remember: there is no wagon. This all-or-nothing mindset is one of the biggest pitfalls for anyone embarking on a fat loss plan. Perfection isn’t the goal; it's about resilience, consistency and continuing forward. The feeling of having "failed" just because you've hit a bump in the road is not only demoralising but also inaccurate.

The root of the problem isn't a lack of willpower; it's the absence of a structured, realistic plan that fits your life. Without it, even the most determined among us can feel lost, overwhelmed, and ready to throw in the towel. Ambition without direction is like setting out on a journey without a map. You know your destination—stronger, leaner, capable and a happier you—but without a clear route, it's easy to lose your way.

Join Mondays Matter, May Edition. It is an 8 week comprehensive programme that encompasses education, community, strength training programme and access to the best information and expert people in the business of physical and emotional transformation.

Mondays Matter 

Mondays Matter May Edition is my 8 week programme that uses protein sparing modified fast (PSMF) days to help accelerate fat loss within a diet that forms the foundation of your forever approach. This will be the last diet you ever need to go on.

Over the course of the programme you will regain control around you food choices as you transform the way you eat, rather than letting your food control you.

The programme utilises key strategies to help get some quick wins, plus embed the strategies required to help you stay on track and find the right mix of food, meals and time restricted eating (TRE) that you can use long term to maintain your weight. Those strategies are:

  • PSMF: Fasting Designed to Minimise Hunger 
  • Diet Breaks
  • Higher Protein to Support Fat Loss
  • An Abundance of Vegetables to Regulate Appetite
  • Strength Training Programme (home/gym)
  • Mondays Matter Workbook
  • Mondays Matter Journal
  • Advanced Preparation to Save Time
  • Zoom calls fortnightly
  • Contact, Community and Accountability


Probably one of the best things about Mikki's programme is that you not only eat better but you learn so much and become so much more aware of why you eat things, and also why the timing of eating can be important to optimise your results.  I love that Mikki gives amazing email replies - I always feel as though she has a real interest in me specifically, and I'm not just a number or someone who pays her bills


I joined Mikki’s online community when it was first established, not only is she a wealth of knowledge - her recipes, shopping lists and meal plans are all easy to follow, time saving and best of all delicious. I recommend it to anyone looking to improve their health or even to gain some variety in the kitchen. Thanks Mikki for all your help, continue doing and making amazing things.

Mondays Matter

Registrations are now closed. Join the waitlist for the next programme.

Fasting without Feeling too Hungry

Protein sparing modified fasts (PSMF): Fasting is increasingly utilised as a tool to help drop body fat, however in some instances, there are concerns that the lower overall protein load in this scenario can cause accelerated muscle mass loss. Muscle is ESSENTIAL to preserving metabolic rate (i.e. the number of calories you burn every day to exist) and good amounts of muscle mass are associated with longevity. PSMF helps combine the best of both worlds. Maintain protein intake on these days, reduced caloric load on that day, accelerate fat loss BUT not feel too hungry. On these days, you will consume predominantly lean protein-based foods, minimum 30g at each meal. There are between 2-5 PSMF days each fortnight depending on the programme you're following

Time Restricted Eating (TRE)

The only way to lose body fat, whichever way you spin it, is a calorie deficit. Regardless of whether you are keto, paleo, vegan or follow a consistently low calorie diet, anyone that successfully loses body fat does so because they burn more calories than they take in. Time restricted eating (TRE) of between 8-12 hours can allow you to regulate appetite hormones and stabilise blood sugar. As such, we eat between 8-9h on a PSMF day and on other days we keep to a 12h window (i.e. between 8am-8pm).

Diet Breaks

Many people are either on a diet or off a diet, there is no inbetween. During this plan you will have diet breaks each fortnight to help regulate appetite and give you a psychological break from actively restricting calories. While people fear that this will stall fat loss, in fact the psychological break from dieting, lifting carbohydrate and calories, combined with a 'reset' of appetite hormones, allows you to continue your fat loss plan for longer than you would otherwise. We have these scheduled each fortnight to give you confidence on how to eat when NOT on a diet, practicing 'maintenance' while being guided through it.

Higher Protein to Support Fat Loss

Protein is a key nutrient to support fat loss - it takes longer to digest (keeping you fuller for longer), it regulates blood sugar levels (helping avoid cravings) and takes way more calories to digest than fat or carbohydrate - significant when creating a calorie deficit as every little bit counts. If in doubt, turn to (lean) protein.

An Abundance of Vegetables to Regulate Appetite

Our stomach has receptors that let us know we have eaten enough food when they are stimulated, and this is related to food volume. For some people, this is a more important regulator of appetite than for others. Most vegetables can be eaten freely without fear of overeating calories, and as such I encourage you to eat your fill at each meal to ensure you feel satisfied on non PSMF days. We will discuss which ones are best to fill up on.

Strength TrainingPlan

An 8 week strength based plan created by Darren Ellis (who is our resident strengh training expert) is also included. Fat loss maintenance (and health and longevity) requires the preservation of muscle mass. Resistance training is THE way to build and preserve muscle, protecting your basal metabolic rate (BMR) which is naturally reduced as you lose weight. Darren is also on hand to help support you throughout the eight weeks. There are options for at home, in the gym and minimalist approach.

Mondays Matter Workbook

This includes all of your go-to information, including meal plans, shopping lists, discount codes, suggested brands/items and supplements and FAQ related to Mondays Matter.

Mondays Matter Journal

A journal to track your progress, including your non-scale victories, sleep, exercise, mood, energy, and a place to keep notes from Zoom calls and favourite recipes/meals.

Advanced Preparation to Save Time

Tips for advance preparation, and cook once, eat twice meals - so while some preparation is key, you're not always in the kitchen.

Contact, Community and Accountability

Weekly emails, ability to message me 24/7 ( I see and respond to all of these) and zoom sessions (that will be recorded and available) with me to help support you for the four weeks.

Zoom Calls

Zoom calls fortnightly to embed the habits we are creating, to provide information around supplements, mindset, training and offer the opportunity for in person Q and A with our experts.


"Mondays Matter is a way that I can continue to eat for the rest of my life, and it's actually really easy for me now"

"I know that I wouldn't have gotten through the program without the group and without Mikki, and I wouldn't be sitting here saying, hey, if you need or want to change your body composition, to build some muscle, to lose some fat, to get some energy, to get rid of some aches and pains to do any of the things that food can do for you, then Mikki's program is something to have a look at"



"I'm 59. I'm 60 this year. I didn't wanna get to 60 and suddenly think, oh my God, I need to lose that five kilos. I wanted to just take action now. And I like what Mikki said about, look, just do it. There's no perfect time, you've just gotta make a start"



"So for me, Mondays matter helped in keeping my weight stable in helping me reduce my Size from 14 to 10 which is a great achievement for me. The best thing, I've ever done"


Wall of Love

About Mikki

I am passionate about maintaining good health and well-being through a whole food approach to nutrition, regular exercise, and a focus on optimising lifestyle factors that influence our ability to cope with the demands of everyday life.

Mondays Matter

Registrations are now closed. Join the waitlist for the next programme.