Real food in the real world

Are you following a "low carb, high fat" (LCHF) diet but not getting the results you're after?

Not even sure what LCHF means, and if it's right for you?

Questions about your cholesterol, your weight, your energy or performance on a LCHF plan?

I'll help clear up any confusion around LCHF "real food" approach and help make it work for you. This talk will go through:

The LCHF real food approach, the benefits of it

Trouble shooting common problems when following LCHF diets including:

  • Too low carb;
  • Not low carb enough;
  • Adverse effects on cholesterol, blood sugar;
  • Body fat gains;
  • Timing and amounts of food
  • Fatigue;
  • Sleep problems;
  • Lack of energy;
  • Digestive
  • And more

How LCHF fits with current dietary trends (incl plantbased diets, intermittent fasting) 

Individualising the approach to make it work for you


Hamilton, Agora Events Centre: Thursday April 20th, 6.30pm start

Tauranga, The Lounge, Tauranga Rowing Club: Thursday April 27th, 7pm start

Queenstown, Location Body Hub Gym, Frankton: Thursday May 25th, 7pm start

Nelson, Location TBC: Thursday 15 June, 6.30pm start


    Currency: New Zealand Dollar